Fatal relax (almost).


– No, no and no! I do not get up, do not want to, I can not.
– I beg you, get up, we have yet to plan a cycling trip.
– Give me a break is still early. Half an hour and I get up.
– I felt that I have neither arms nor legs only dormant deep body only. I could not stand up without limbs so clenched my eyes and ears and sank the tip of sleep. p. did mean noise indescribable. He bathed, shaved and something talked loudly enough so I do not accidentally fell asleep for another eight hours. He left, slamming the door and entered repeating the same act of closing the door so thoroughly that until the walls shook. After a while I felt the smell of coffee which marked the end of the dream. I pretended to snore and nothing does not reach me but stubborn husband refused to give up in their evil doings and unworthy. He started the next stage of uprooting me from sleep and chatting like a kid telling himself what awaits us today. A little louder announced that coffee is ready and getting cold in shocking speed because supply air cooling was directed on the table.
Who are you despicable man, that in the middle of the night are picking me out of bed? – I asked when it occurred to me that I do not have a chance to rest.
Your beloved husband who had packed the car and made coffee. Just go into the bathroom and later drink coffee. – I opened my mouth to slate it for the morning antics when suddenly the brightness of the room made me speechless. It must have been late because the sun’s rays fell into the room so insistently as if shone for several hours.
I have no strength. – I tried but in vain.
I’ll drag you under a cold shower. – Quite calmly and without emotion my husband showed me my little bright future. 


The inscription “No vacancies” in front of the entrance to the parking lot does not surprise us because reaching at the afternoon, nothing else could be expected.



Believing in lucky star I drove the narrow road to the parking lot where vacancies were in abundance. Even before parking the car I jumped out of the car and ran toward the alligator resting in close proximity. p. properly parked a car.
Loop among swamps with a length of 24 km can be overcome by foot, bus or bicycle. We decided to heroic feat and we chose bikes.


 Stopping the dozing alligators than once I had the impression it was just a dummy carefully arranged by clever employees park to spice tour. Warnings against excessive approaching the immobile giants still was etched in my consciousness but I wanted to see if it is true alligator. As usual skeptical p. this time he felt awe of the unknown and behaved even more safe distance of three meters. It is hard to imagine that such a small and attractively-looking crocodile can after many years transform into monsters with claws which can easily tear apart the body every opponent. Reptile skin over the years change in armor thick and hard as steel.Do we know what time it is? – Our stops at attractions hidden off the road took us more time than we thought and we had to overcome route two hours.
Holidays have one undeniable advantage; I do not use the watch (p. as well). Just get up early in the morning to later do not take care of flying away time. p. rummaged in the camera menu to get to the watch and after a while it turned out that we need to sharply pedal to give back bicycles for hire.


We still have 3/4 of the route and here at the moment is something that stops us for a long time. I could not ride without doing photos of the next reptile because such a trip does not happen every day. After thirty minutes the landscape has changed drastically. A little less bushes by the road allowed us to see further in the swamp.  It was warm and the setting sun made a short break to catch some breath. It was only an illusion of peace.


Everywhere something lurked waiting for an opportunity to consummate dinner.


A few steps forward, and on the other side of the road we found confirmation of the fact that the area in which we live after dark can be dangerous. During the day, at least you can see what might eat me but at night …




We managed to get back five minutes before closing time and breathed a sigh of relief, sitting down on the curb totally exhausted physically.
– What route. – p. stared into the distance in the direction from where we came. I fanned my hat to slightly cool the hot and sweaty head. I thought about the sprint for the last kilometers but he had something else in mind.
So many alligators in one day. Unbelievable. I have enough of them for a long time.
Now let’s go to dinner with champagne to celebrate this day, and later to the hotel because I am totally exhausted. – I dreamed about hot shower and a cool room to quietly enjoy the present day. – Well, we are done with alligators, tomorrow we’re going home. – Holidays are over and I did not expect things to do in the near future. How false were the thoughts I had to find out for myself already in five minutes.


Very happy we left the Shark Valley Park where we saw another unknown world about which we talked many times that it would be worth to see because it‘s the only place where the US turns into a jungle full of surprises.


Look! Farewell alligator! – p. pointed to the one beside me. And it would be a farewell alligator to help me say goodbye to life. – Any photo in remembrance? Of course, you can not leave this opportunity because it’s ugly, extremely nasty and mean.


Each of us has camera equipment and I instinctively took the camera from my husband even though I was not going to use it. I threw another look at the alligator and already wanted to go to the car when p. committed the first error.Walk him from the water, maybe it will be a cool pic. – Now I committed another mistake. Silly goose, so I should be called, listened to my husband and turning the camera tried to squeeze into the narrow strip of grass separating the alligator from the surface of the water.
Alligator began to open its mouth. I froze in terror.
Run !!! – My husband scream restored my ability to think. Alligator began to hiss and snapped its jaws. After a second he opened it again.
 Alligator hissing loudly walked in my direction. I pressed the shutter button and simply disappeared.


I established an undeniable world record in the sprint super short distance and appeared by a deathly pale p .

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